More international Tropicalisimo press ...

Extremely pleased at the attention this project is getting so far. Read about it:

here, at the Schpilman Institute for Photography blog, Israel. (In Hebrew here)

here, in the newspaper Diario El Mundo, El Salvador

and in fltr magazine #039, which requires an iphone.

To schedule an exhibition or talk about this work, get in touch.

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SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador -- Very pleased to learn that four photographs from my new series Tropicalisimo have been included in ESFOTO, this small country's big, national photography event. The month-long event aims to present the 100 most important photographs of the year from this region, which is apparently growing as photographers from Peru and Mexico participated this year. 

Two pictures are up at PhotoCafe in San Salvador, a unique space for people like us which is run by Edgar Romero, who puts his heart into what he does and contributes great things to the art scene in this country. All four photographs will appear in the exhibition catalog, which I'm told is on the way. 

A very special thanks to PhotoCafe, ESFOTO, and everyone who attended. 


2014: the year so far

"1914-2014," from the series Tropical√≠simo, 2014

In a career in which every year seems stranger than the last, 2014 has been particularly bizarre. A string of personal issues along with out-of-nowhere curses from the angry gods have conspired to create a dearth of exhibitions and cancellations, which feels odd given that I'm known to show 10 or 12 times a year. 

On the other hand, my work is getting more attention in the press than ever before, which seems to back up the thought that I'm the best known, unknown living photographer. I don't claim to understand these cycles but here are a few 2014 articles, one in English, two in Spanish, that cast at least a little light upon what I do: 

Trama Mag, Mexico City, John Sevigny, Cazador de Belleza
Fuse Visual, USA, Profile: John Sevigny

I'm always thankful for press and willing to talk to anyone, pretty much anywhere. Just get in touch. 

As for the future, regarding publicity, at least two more interviews in two other countries are set to be published within the next few weeks. I will also be taking part in ESFOTO this month, El Salvador's big, national photography event. More details on that to come as soon as they are available. 

Finally, I expect to confirming several 2015 exhibitions in Wisconsin within a few weeks; and I am very much looking forward to the exhibition, "Flowers for your Altar," set for March in Pomona California at Space Gallery. We are also pushing very hard to exhibit Tropicalisimo anywhere and everywhere, and a few things should be bubbling to the surface on that front very soon. 

Best to all of you, and see you out there. 



Cemetery, Mexico City


A picture of the Sierra de la Silla in Monterrey, Mexico hanging in a bar in Zacatecas.